Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ugly Yarn Day 2012

This week I was going to post about Corespinning in another Art Yarn 101 post.  Not that I didn't start learning the technique.  I did.  I carded some dyed alpaca, blending it with some sari silk and bits of silk ribbon, a little mohair and a smidge of sparkly stuff.  I kicked off my Uggs and stretched my toes, sat down at my wheel, balanced my core yarn, and spun a small hank of UGLY, UGLY  purple yarn.

"Why is all my yarn purple?" I asked myself.  And then the negative self-talk spiraled out of control and the next thing I knew I wasn't just NOT and artist and NOT creative, but I was a poor excuse for a human being.  (In desperate need of some nurturing, which began with a walk in the woods, also known as taking a giant step back from the abyss of negativity.)

Thank god for tools and a little self awareness and some perspective.  When I came back to it later, I found it wasn't so bad if I picked out some of the bits of ribbon.  I designated Tuesday as Ugly Yarn Day and navajo plied a bobbin of questionably-dyed merino that had been sitting around for, well, months, actually.  Yep...still ugly.  But not purple.  And perfect for trials of some patterns I'm working on.

It's growing on me...a little.

I have a quote from Ira Glass of This American Life radio program that comforts me in times like these.

May we all push through to the other side, close the gap and NEVER QUIT!

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  1. Hello Deane, google found you for me.... I had wondered for al ong time where you were hiding..... well maybe not hiding really, just from my view.
    : ) I keep saying I need a knitting teacher... maybe you can help me find one. Are you still doing yoga? Aadil will be coming here in march. are you on my enews list you want to be?
    Your blog looks have never been short on creativity! though I appreciate the reflections with Ira teachers have that too.