Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sheep of the Week: the Romney

Let's get this straight, the unfortunately-named Romney hails from the Romney marsh area of Kent, England and has nothing whatsoever to do with that other Romney whose name is setting like the sun on a long summer day...not a minute too soon.

  He is showing off his show ribbons!
Anyway, these guys are the Humvees of the sheep world--big, stocky, utilitarian, go-anywhere sheep with long staple wool that's super easy to spin. They produce a LOT of wool and, if you have the space, a Romney or two can really boost your income from fleece.  

Photo courtesy of SkyLines Farm of Idaho.

For spinners, the wool is characterized by medium luster, low grease and minimal shrinkage during fiber prep.  For knitters and weavers, the yarn works up best into hard wearing outerwear--sweaters, hats, mittens, throws. If you're sensitive, you may not appreciate it right next to skin.

I bought some roving recently at Asheville NC Homecrafts shop in the Grove Arcade and dyed it into two new colorways I'm working on...High Desert and Hill Country Morning.  Both have a bit of a heathery halo to them that I haven't seen in my other dyeing escapades. I'm very happy with the fiber, but have my fears about the yarn, just because I really like my fiber soft and snuggly.  Stay tuned for the yarn and a project.  I'll let you know if it's soft enough for knickers.

High Desert

Hill Country Morning


  1. I really like your blog! Got the email through the SIS message board. What cool looking sheep these are. Love the colors in the Hill Country Morning. Have you thought about adding a google follow button on your blog? Hope to meet you at a future meeting. I'll be going to the December ones downtown. :)

  2. That is one big sheep with a LOT of wool! I really like both colors ... especially the Hill Country Morning (who doesn't love a bright, cheery purple?!). Are you going to do a blog on Shetland sheep? They're my FAVORITE because they produce very soft, snuggly wool and they're adorable to boot! :D

    1. Yes, indeed, Shetlands are on my list. Who doesn't LOVE anything miniature?